Taiji Sake Warmer

Sake is Best Served Warm

Five reasons to drink your sake warm

  1. Warming sake helps to blossom its natural flavors and fragrance.

  2. Warming sake balances its sweetness, acidity and astringency.

  3. It is wonderful to consume warmed sake with meals during the cold winter. It’s like mulled wine, but with no added sugar.

  4. Warmed sake is absorbed by the body more quickly, so we can “feel” it sooner and control the amount we drink.

  5. Without learning how to appreciate warmed sake, we can never say that we have a complete understanding of this wonderful beverage.

Why Choices Taiji

  • Now you can choose from 16 different models to serve your best needs. Custom color is also available.
  • Tested by ETL to meet UL, CSA and NSF standard requirements.
  • Came with the Automatic Shut-Off valve, which allows sake bottles to be filled without direct supervision. Have easy temperature control with automatic shut off valve.
  • Came with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Made in Japan.

TSK Series

The new TSK Series is the power house model of sake warmers. Many of the standard features (same as the FSW series)
have been enhanced to function better:

Industry leading 1500W heater minimizes heating/reheating times
50% faster dispensing rate (vs FSW Series)
Larger water bath allows for greater sake heating capacity

Also, some new features have been added:
Includes sake overspill tray
Manual dispensing switch
All units come with standard off white, other colors are available with additional cost.


Sake Tank
W14.8″ x D9.8″ x H20.3


Single bottle any size
W14.8″ x D9.8″ x H26.5


Any bottle size, same brand
W14.8″ x D9.8″ x H26.5


Cubic Sake Container
W14.8″ x D9.8″ x H20.3


Sake Tank
W13″ x D14.76″ x H21.89


Cubic Sake Container
W13″ x D14.76″ x H21.89


Any bottle size, 2 brand
W14.8″ x D9.8″ x H26.5


1.5L or 1.8L bottle size 2 brands
W14.8″ x D9.8″ x H20.3

FSW Series

The FSW series sake warmers are the most economical and traditional favorite. The different sake loading options make them the most versatile,
sturdy and qualtiy constructed to ensure many years of hassle-free operation.

Standard features of the FSW series

• Automatic Shut-off Valve
• Temperature adjusting knob
• Adjustable sake container platform

Items included with each unit:
• Anti-toppling brackets
• Funnel for water bath filling
• Cubic sake container holding stand (C-1A and C-2A only)
• Cubic sake container connection set (C-1A and C-2A only)


0.95gal / 3.75L
Internal Holding Tank
W6.25″ x D10.5″ x H23.75


0.95gal / 3.75L
Internal Holding Tank
W6.3″ x D13.58″ x H24.61


Any bottle size
W6.25″ x D10.5″ x H17.5


5gal Attachable
Cubic Sake Container
W13″ x D14″ x H23


5gal Attachable
Cubic Sake Container
W14.75″ x D14″ x H23