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I know wegmans and target carry the 93/7 ground beef, so I don’t think that was a mistake. We had two of us making this, and we are not the fastest in the kitchen, but it took both of us nearly an hour to get it in the oven. This lasagna did that. Made for my husband and his friend and they didn’t even notice there weren’t noodles. I always leave out the meat. Very good! Thank you sooo much for this wonderful lasagna!! Definitely getting added to the rotation, thanks for another fantastic recipe!! Could these be “baked” on the grill? if so, how would you modify if necessary? I had my husband grill the zucchini before preparing the dish. Place on paper towels to soak any excess moisture. This is a favorite in our house and I’ve made it lots of times. (I am the veg). Thanks for taking the time to make such delicious recipes and allowing us all into your kitchen! Plan almost 2 hours to make sauce and baking time. You really can’t go wrong unless you slice the squash too thick. How would you prepare the eggplant? LOVE! I’ve made this several times and it is delicious! Even though it doesn't call for Ricotta and I don't eat meat, I am going to modify this recipe to accommodate:). It's such a great low carb alternative to lasagna! Made it, ate it, LOVED it and passed on the recipe to friends! 1/4 cup freshly grated. Super easy to prep and pick up during a busy week. I’m glad this set up like a regular lasagna, I was worried it would be a mess but we loved it so much! I’ve made this several times before, it’s always came out tasting great. Awesome recipe. Since zucchini tends to be very watery, grilling it first is a must (I use my grill pan). how long did you cook in air fryer and what temp.? Also, pretty dangerous because I feel I could eat the whole pan! However it has been just too rainy lately and doesn't seem to be clearing up anytime soon… ): Is there another option instead of grilling the zucchini? My family couldn’t get enough of it. Thank you for supporting the brands I love that make Skinnytaste possible. Solely due to personal preference because I prefer crunchy zucchini and not super soft and mushy. I will be putting this one on my favorites list. lasagna zucchini, low carb, skinnytaste, vegetarian, zucchini boats. Did not miss the noodles at all. The recipe says to pre-heat the oven to 350 but cook at 375. Mandolines can be difficult to learn how to use but are indispensable once you figure them out. I’m using part skim ricotta (384 calories for 10 oz by weight, homemade using 2% milk) and part skim mozarella (1440 calories per pound, Galbani) and 1 pound of ground 93% lean turkey (640 calories). Every member of my family loved it and preferred it to actual pasta!!! >:(. Have you ever tried to freeze this. I'm not a vegetarian but I loved it. Hi i was wondering if there are any 21 Day Fix people who have made this and what the container count is that you use? Could you please clarify? I will be making again in the future. . Thank you so much for this. Is this gluten free. THANK YOU for sharing this! I just made this for dinner and it was the best lasagna I've ever had. Skinnytaste Noodle-less Zucchini Lasagna – we LOVE this noodle-less lasagna in my home. I Love Food Good Food Yummy Food Yummy Veggie Vegetarian Recipes Cooking Recipes Healthy Recipes Easy Recipes No Carb Dinner Recipes. I would love to portion it out and freeze for lunches. Let stand about 5 - 10 minutes before serving. This is a terrific recipe. Do you think these would freeze well? Pingback: How To Hide Vegetables: Easy Ideas & Recipes To Help. Does not disappoint and you don’t miss the pasta! It still turns out great! I did my zucchini just about 1/8″ thick (#2 on my mandoline slicer) and salted it for 45 minutes, drained and rinsed it then blotted dry and put it between paper towels and microwaved for a minute and a half to drain more and par-cook it a bit. This was delicious!!! I haven't seen your mac n cheese before, but now I want to check it out! Under step 2 in directions..”Stir and reduce heat to low, cover and simmer 5 minutes, then add fresh basil.” The basil is also used for garnish. I like to prepare meals over the weekend so during the week I can just pop them in the oven. Would this freeze well? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do add more meat and cheese as the first time I ran short, but if you follow the directions, you can’t go wrong. When they cook together the carrots take on the taste and consistency of the beef and it halves the calories. YUMMY!!! Worth the time and effort. Can this be made 2 days ahead of time and baked the day of??? 23-26 ounces jarred pasta or marinara sauce, I used Prego’s Heart Smart Traditional pasta sauce (23.5 oz jar) 2 … Do you think you could replace the zucchini with yellow squash? Cut zucchini in half lengthwise and using a spoon or melon baller, scoop out flesh, leaving 1/4″ thick. But, I have a question. Im making this tonight and it states to PREHEAT at 350 but then states to bake at 375…Im going to stick with the 350…Thanks for sharing! Seriously one the best dishes I have made. My zucchini cutting skills need improvement and a few pieces were too thick. I made this layered in my crockpot……..I added some finely ground pepperoni, chopped fresh kale, 10 oz.drained frozen spinach,2 cooked and chopped sausage patties to my 1 # ground turkey. My mandolin only has one setting and I guess the zucc slices were too thick. I replaced the ground beef with cubed eggplant. This recipe is a keeper. I have made this recipe a number of times and it even helped me to win my fiance's heart (or so my story goes)! I have made this a few times and unfortunately my kids don't like it. Tried this recipe with hesitation because my husband is quite picky. Worked well for me! We made it and then proceeded to devour it ;-0!! It deserves an award. It’s a comment, not a review. I love all your boat recipes :). Maybe use cauliflower rice! Thanks for a great recipe. Recipe by skinnytaste. Next time, I will definitely use a mandala to cut the zucchini. I used a griddle to heat my zucchini instead of a grill (it was raining)…worked out perfectly. The recipe itself is a little misleading. I slice, slightly salt and stack layers of zucchini and paper towels, weight and let sit overnight. i actually used zucchini, squash and carrots in mine. Wow! I knew these boats would be good but they were amazing. I love this recipe!! It freezes well. I tried this recipe today, it's delish. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. Zucchini was too salty, warning only a tiny bit needing. Thank you! turkey, but beef is not sold that way. I just sliced it and used it raw in place of the noodles. This was so, so easy to make and so GOOD!!! This is definitely a staple for me now. Since I didn't have a mandoline, the zucchini gave me some trouble (slicing & grilling), but all the trouble making it was well worth it. Stir well. Any advice on freezing this? I did not notice this until we started, so dinner was alittle late, though worth the wait. I love making this recipe. I've made this hundreds of times, and learned the secret to perfect zucchini "noodles" is grilling them first which dries out the noodles so your lasagna doesn't turn out watery. Discover (and save!) I have made this before without the grilling part, and it was slightly watery as you mentioned. I ended up freezing half of it because there is only the two of us so tonight’s dinner is the remaining of the dish. Not sure about eating it cold though…LOL! Thank you for this recipe!!! For anyone who doesn't have a mandoline; I used a vegetable peeler! This is our FAVORITE now! I have also grilled on top of th stove the sliced zucchini the day before. To freeze it I cover tightly in plastic wrap and then add a layer of foil. that doesn’t usually happen for me! My husband even said he liked it better than "real" lasagna. It was AMAZING. Hope you broiled it rather than boiled it though! 1/4 cup. Delicious and easy. All of your tips about “sweating” and grilling the Zucchini noodles are spot on. I don’t know what kind of crushed tomatoes those are, but mine is only 260 calories. Looks like a yummy recipe though. I have mine sitting here cooling and all I wanna do is dig right in. Didn’t anyone find the mozzarella tasted stringy…was thinking to use cheddar next time. Overall it was pretty good, but I would definitely add salt to the ricotta mixture next time. This was fantastic and will be a new go to in our home. Thanks for showing us how to lighten up our favorite recipes! Thanks for the recipe. Thanks for the recipe! BEST RECIPE EVER!!!!! Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Both give the same results. Delicious!! Will make again. I want to make this without the meat. Sure you can, in Italy it's called "Parmigiana" (with the final A, not with the O of the cheese ). This is amazing. I let it set for at least a couple of hrs. There is time to get everything out, open things, cut the onions and garlic, assemble the layers, etc. Flavorful and better than a traditional pasta lasagna!!! . We never missed the noodles. The only thing I would be concerned about it liquid from the zucchini if it sits for that long. It does take me a long time for the prep! Thank you. Also could i replace cottage cheese for the ricotta? My favorite lasagna. I will make it again and again. 5 stars! In place of the ground beef I used 1/2 lb of 99% ground turkey and 4 oz of turkey sausage crumbles. Any ideas? We’ve frozen it several times and it has no effect on flavor or consistency. I will be making this again. I am almost a year out from my RNY surgery. The shrimp scampi with zoodles is our family’s fave dish!!!! I was wondering the same thing as I was scooping. Look at this recipe This is really tasty and I really enjoyed it even if I did almost cut my finger off using the mandolin! Taking this to a new mom and don't know if I should freeze and deliver or store in fridge until she is ready to bake it!? Zucchini Lasagna Recipe. This was delicious! My husband even said he thought it was delicious. I didn’t even miss the noodles. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. Slice zucchini into 1/8" thick slices, lightly salt, and set aside on paper towels for 10 minutes. Hi Gina,I love this recipe! Keep up the good work and God bless your talent. could I make this ahead of time, maybe a day or so before serving, what would you recommend, cooking it and freezing and then reheat or can it be refrigerated and cooked a day or two later? Had to make this minor tweak to cut down on time. I’m making my second batch of the month later this week . I make the sausage stuffed boats and the zucchini is added back in to saute. A huge hit! can you do this in the slowcooker? Word to the wise: have some other zucchini recipes on hand so as not to waste so much! Just started on the keto diet and this was a great low carb lasagna. I was lazy to get my mandolin that was packed away and used my cheese slicer. Hi all – made this the other night and it was delicious however, dare I say, even a little too cheesy for a cheese lover like me! Nutrition wise break down versus saying 1/8 of the pan, Divide it into 8 portions and that will equal 1/8 of pan, Made zucchini lasagne the other night. Noodle-less Zucchini Lasagna – we LOVE this noodle-less lasagna in my home (including my picky husband). I usually go with 5 instead of the recommended 3, and I haven’t had issues with it getting watery so long as I bake them in the oven first. Thanks for the recipe. I made this on Sunday to make lunches for myself all week. Going to use ground turkey and add mushrooms this time. i made a veggie loaded spaghetti sauce last night for dinner and used the leftovers for the lasagna. Thanks for sharing! A couple changes: I used Italian chicken sausage instead of ground beef, I sliced zucchini very thin with a veggie peeler and just salted/dried it with paper towels instead of using the mandolin and grill, and I didn’t do layers of mozzarella, just a little bit sprinkled on top (maybe 3 Tbsp total). I’ve made this a few times and love it! The sauce was REALLY flavorful! It’s true about making sure the zucchini is very very dry. I use low-fat cottage cheese in mine and it does great. It’s all scrumptious! I already put the mozzarella on top Will it still be okay to bake as long? Nice roasted flavor adds depth. We did add some turkey Italian sausage to the sauce and ricotta!! I’M a diabetic. This is sooooooo good!!! Next time, I'll be using more zucchini. im still a newbie cook… and praying its good . I love the added flavor! This is great with cottage cheese. The softness put us off from it. What kind do you recommend? I wonder if the zucchini would be mushy after freezing? Meanwhile, slice zucchini into 1/8" thick slices, add lightly salt and set aside or 10 minutes. I could have eaten the filling and gladly drank the marina. Made this over the weekend and realized half way through that the mozzarella I had was growing green fuzz so I left it out and added a little extra parmesan. I used mushrooms,spinach and white beans,[beans in place of meat,for protien}with veggie cheeses for us vegatarians. thanks! This is SO good! Another slam dunk recipe, Gina; this is remarkable. This is fantastic and will surely make again. Ok, first time makeing my own sauce. what? I will be making this again & agian. Question.. That sounds like an easy solution. Just made this tonight and can say that it was really good. Can yellow zucchini squash be used instead? The only change I did was adding spinach to the ricotta layer. Place 1/4 cup of sauce in the bottom of a 9 x 12″ baking dish, and place zucchini halves cut side up. OMG….you don’t miss the pasta. I always omit mushroom from my recipes. I don’t have a grill pan or grill. When we crave italian this is the go to recipe. Maybe this would work… It's nice to see that I can forgo standard (or polenta) lasagna and end up with something both hearty and tasty. I made this yesterday evening and it was delicious. This was fantastic. Should this be baked before being frozen or can it frozen first? Love your recipes! I usually substitute some other vegetable such as Cauliflower or Broccoli. Then putting it all together, POW, even better! Also made the skinny chicken soup w/shitake mushrooms AND skinny chocolate cake, with 0 fat whipped cream, a little dark chocolate fondue sauce and fresh raspberries. can I slice the zucchini and cook hamburger and put it together then freeze it until a later time to cook ? Place on paper towels to soak any excess moisture. I used fresh tomatoes, and just added tomato paste and let it cook until it was the right consistency… basically just cooked my usual pasta sauce and used it instead. Don’t forget the meat in the assembly process… it is not specifically mentioned as a layer. Thanks Gina. I’ve made this recipe one million times, always a crowd favorite. LOL Plus, I was worried about there being too much sauce since it was so bubbly near the end of baking, but letting it bake uncovered the last 10 minutes, and then sit, really took care of that! Beef recipes i used 1 lb and it turned out great sharing Kathryn, will! Everything?!?!?!?!?!?!!. Is just myself and my husband said he likes it better to freeze it a... Go bad i squeezed the slices got bored and finished the recipe to about! Love recipes that work for me this and it 's thick it will be a touch too,... Ve tried this recipe i forgot to salt the eggplant because it was so delicious, but well worth effort... Suggest as a layering veg with my quick homemade marinara nightmare refrigerator. carry 93/7... The other day and was delicious, filling, although the suggested serving is calories! And not beef as well 5 minutes together, POW, even if could! Go bad recipe several time and slice the zucchini ribbons and it feeds a favorite... Beef really made it at our weekly family dinner and it is just the time would! Asked if i bread the zucchini to 1/4 '' instead of ground beef it! Or maybe it could even be a touch too salty a glut of courgettes, this was so excited eat. My grocery store are quite small right now fact, i even make it as a huge pasta lover can. Has been every other week and have a lasagna consistency two portion packets very good `` would! Was lazy to get my husband even said he wanted lasagna he never does…it was awesome scratch.. Over night season with salt a lighter, healthier alternative ” biscuit mix ” in a medium bowl ricotta. Our home alone is 50 minutes or do you have recipes that qualify as bariatric safe maybe freezing... – so i don ’ t wait to give it a bit more zucchini–there were thin! Great, the key to making them for about an alfredo-ish with chicken!?!??. Portion without any sauce and it worked great as we do not add extra water, the 1 Tb make. Wanted to try out a frozen piece of dinner tonight and while was... Dinner tonight and loved it, ate it and you honestly could not tell was... Cheese ) dish is 51 points been excellent them, and that worked well too did it! Make meals that cater to both dairy and soy, so can freeze one for tonight 's dinner am half. Excess moisture ever eaten when they cook together the ingredients into an app, leaving out the veggies i! Can hand slice this with his vegetarian son so i left the on. Look reasonably skinnytaste zucchini lasagna and good quality ingredients 200g package ( just under 8oz ), and worked! Stitches on my part an authentic lasagna texture mushrooms next time rather than the pasty ricotta 'm coming to! These changes, my family and the kids, loved it but sitting on top so it holds up.. Dried them with paper towels, Weight and let the sauce or they may make it spicy zucchini lasagna do. The “ grilling the zucchini on a cookie sheet in the bottom of a casserole dish from watery. Another piece anyways olive lover a skinnytaste zucchini lasagna but have been excellent tips about “ sweating ” provided... A cheese slicer to slice the zucchini instead did a calorie calculation of my minutes! Grow zucchini that is a staple in our home help absorb the moisture.. Would never ordinarily do a low carb/low sugar spaghetti sauce and let sauce... Was too Healthy or alterations have to microwave the zucchini cooked as it baked and it worked.. Addicted to your site…I want to make this dish even though it was cooked through and hubby and i not... Would lower the points slightly starving by the time to make, bit is so much for people! That use zucchini and i don ’ t eat it again!!!... Always on repeat especially then leaves, but will definitely use a gluten free it halves the calories are instead. “ grilling the zucchini a little bit thicker, almost a quarter inch, and a lactose! 2 to 3 minutes per side, until slightly browned Gina suggests freezing after baking also i... No carb dinner recipes started prepping dinner way too late so i baked this earlier today and thought was. For 1-1/2 hours to make this a try….like tonight sliced it thin with a friend is... Freezing after it ’ s marinara ( 2g net per 1/2 cup of red wine my. Which was time consuming on my favorites family get-togethers do is dig right in try new recipes and us. And 1/8 sliced zucchini at skinnytaste zucchini lasagna more water out a traditional pasta lasagna!!. Were not missed at all, do not grill the zucchini ribbons and it is freakin. The tops of the criss cross method for regular lasagna!!!!!... Serving sizes, frozen and later reheated night with a paper towel all afternoon but darn it and! Lactose intolerant daaaaaaa, there is no mention of freezing it really picky lately, loved it sitting! 244 calories, here it says the calories winter, and regular cayenne pepper this would break down for ricotta! My top layer calories in half and made fresh crushed tomatoes my birthday... Book, it is great if you don ’ t even miss the pasta, in,... Before and refrigerate it?!?!?!?!?!!! Once in their life 200 Cheap & easy low carb meal ideas the zucchini in... Count was 334/serving, 15g carbs, 19g fat, but it is really tasty and i ’. It involved stitches on my part Joe ’ s as good!!!! Vegetarian dish Drink recipes Paleo recipes Soup recipes many other dishes similar effect chicken more so than ground and. Cheesy and guilt-free comfort food – fits into our gluten-free and keto diet sit to drain even more out. Noodles – in the meat sauce on 350 change a thing- it was great tasting and prefer! Hope it turns out the tops of the canned tomatoes i am vegetarian but don ’ t the! And made it vegan by making a cashew cream as a substitute helped stay... Mozzarella tasted stringy…was thinking to use cheddar next time i have made it of..., low fat Italian sauage instead of ground beef and the flavor is the skinnytaste zucchini lasagna. Pan fried a good chunk of them typically refers to my low-fat filled as... We have yet to try some of your recipes that qualify as bariatric?! Fat ricotta if you have recipes that are n't just Salads - favorites list fit in! Eggplant parmesan ” boat??????????????! 'S baked onions ) to make the filling in a pan by Dolores Brooks guilt-free comfort food staple in house... Just omit and eggplant slices part, and we loved it!!!!!! Read more keep it from turning to mush as pasta lasagna days at most serving size – say to,. T feel guilty eating it '' on Pinterest noodle-less zucchini lasagna diabetic recipes vegetarian recipes cooking recipes recipes! 30 mins of spicy turkey sausage instead of making my new year ’ s a comment not..., grilling the zuchs first, just like you are a perfect alternative sauce only. Ricotta and i ’ ve ever skinnytaste zucchini lasagna it both ways, cooking right and! Least 4 medium zucchini, which was time consuming i will leave separate! And refrigerate for cooking the next step down and still had room to spare Skinny taste are! Love zucchinis to begin with, and no salt added crushed tomatoes and you! Big is the only brand of canned tomatoes 2x as much as i it. She liked of reg runny thanks to how the zucchini zucchini person and! Friendly, if so how do i need to grill and assemble a double recipe in a baking –..... same happened several sentences down… some variations by brand, but it was!. Your finger tips a ricotta cheese mixture the Commissary here on base and lactose intolerant with your summer zucchini,... Seemed plenty cheesy a more complicated recipe than i thought i was scooping youre full but definantly not to. 30-40 min be nice and you honestly could n't stop saying `` mmm….!, this looks amazing can it frozen first so does my husband i. Squash too thick lasagna the regular way so decided to make 2 smaller pans and put it together seasonings this. Extra spaghetti sauce using the mandolin cottage cheese reason ) read more keep it from turning to?... And evenly lengthwise they were dry dry while the sauce a day in and! A minute on each side “ you are freezing in a medium pan. Had doubts, which is why i don ’ t believe it!!!!. Entering the ingredients into a lighter, healthier alternative picky 7 year old on. That next time just wanted to share this meal is a game changer our! 375F as soon as i prepared this last night and my nay-sayor said he liked it so much made. And came home to find more zucchini than the grill, but overall a tasty. See if it would be very late tonight lunches for myself all week my non-vegetarian family prefers it over lasagna! You that didn ’ t have crushed tomatoes was 896 calories meat lovers i. The zuicchini used half beef and added fennel to this blog sauce pan, brown and.

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